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The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Release date: Out Now
Est. admissions: 1,530,000
Main audience: BlockBuster
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Release date: Out Now
Est. admissions: 1,530,000
Main audience: BlockBuster
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Local Advertising

As we’ve seen with the internet, the digital revolution is now also opening up a whole new range of low cost advertising opportunities at your local cinema.

Why advertise all over the town or region when in many cases the majority of your custom may in fact come from within just your immediate catchment area?

Each and every month we can deliver thousands of cinema goers right on your doorstep and all it takes is one easy booking to cash in on this box office bonanza.

Using the very same high end projection as used for the main features, the on-screen quality is second to none and offers you the opportunity to really stand out from the crowd.


See our presentation here.


Commercial Sense

Delivering maximum impact and minimal wastage, cinema advertising has continued to boom even during the recession with major UK advertisers spending millions of pounds annually. However local rates can be as low as £95 per week!

Production costs and lead times have been slashed and it’s never been simpler to promote your company or service with our new DigiAds.

All we need is some high resolution pictures and a suitable script and our in-house team can then create your very own DigiAd or we can happily brief your own production sources.


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Local Production

Click on the links below to download the various specification requirements for Local adverts.

Ad Specification

Advert Storyboard


Sending us copy

If the file size of your copy and media materials are large please submit them via WeTransfer here: and send to this e-mail address:


DigiAd - Examples

Watch genuine examples of our new DigiAds by pressing the play button below, a selection of adverts will be played automatically or you can select the desired video using the buttons on the left.



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