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  • February 14th 2020


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    EVERYMAN returns to Pearl & Dean

  • March 20th 2020

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  • March 6th 2020


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About Pearl & Dean

Pearl & Dean is the only truly independent cinema advertising contractor in the UK. Representing a wide range of cinemas, with multiplex chains offering landmark locations throughout the UK including Showcase, Empire, Movie House and Omniplex sites P&D, with its iconic pa-pa, pa-pa, pahhhh…pah sonic, evokes an instant aroma of popcorn and fun.

We are also proud to represent the majority of the independent exhibition sector, with a portfolio of quality circuits such as Everyman (from February 2020) Scott Cinemas, Northern Morris and WTW Cinemas as well as independently operated cinemas; each offering individuality and often a specialist audience. Our cinemas generally offer a varied schedule of programming – from the latest blockbusters through to classic and art-house movies to alternative content such as live opera or concerts.

All of this enables us to offer advertisers precise targeting of either specific demographics or the population as a whole. The cinema is the best environment in which to showcase any brand with an audience that is in a relaxed and receptive state of mind. There are no distractions and advertising is readily accepted as part of the whole cinema experience. This makes cinema advertising one of the most impactful media channels available and this has been fully validated by our Brand Science research which independently verifies we are a class leader in terms of RROI.

And you don’t have to stop at on-screen advertising…the cinema environment is one of the few places where you can extend your campaign beyond the big screen to interact directly with your target audience. Our Partnerships team can create a campaign bespoke to your needs which will find new and creative ways of bringing your brand to our film-loving audiences. We have many different ways of reaching our customers throughout their consumer journey, as they search on-line, come through our foyers and into the auditorium and home again.

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