All Eyes on the Big Screen – Webinar

With guests Phil Clapp (UKCA), Vicky Handley (Lloyds Bank), Markus Carlson (Jaguar), Ellie Davidson (Dive) & John Ridley – hosted by Clare Turner, Jamie White, Cristina Duffy & Catherine Ferguson.

2021 ended on an incredible high note, despite cinemas being closed for the first half of the year. No Time to Die & Spider-Man No Way Home proved to be huge draws at the box office, with both films already in the UK all-time Top 10!

We look forward with excitement to what 2022 will bring for our amazing medium.

Join us on the 20th January when we’ll share insights on the pioneering partnerships we have developed with Lloyds & Jaguar, hear an industry perspective from the UKCA and find out about some of the exclusive content coming to a cinema near you over the next 12 months.


watch recording below