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The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Release date: Out Now
Est. admissions: 1,530,000
Main audience: BlockBuster
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Release date: Out Now
Est. admissions: 1,530,000
Main audience: BlockBuster
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Rentrak EDI collates U.S & U.K film information on behalf of the cinema industry. In addition to this, the CAA commissions Rentrak EDI to supply independent, accurate cinema admissions figures.

Film Information
Rentrak EDI collates weekly box office film data for the U.S and U.K. This data enables Pearl and Dean to monitor the progress of a film's box office success. This information is invaluable for advertisers who select the film package buying route.

Admissions Data
The CAA commissions Rentrak EDI to provide independent cinema admissions. The admissions data supplied is extremely accurate as it involves Rentrak EDI contacting every cinema/circuit for their actual admissions on a regular basis. This data enables Pearl & Dean to provide advertisers with accurate admissions reports on a monthly basis. The admissions data also allows the CAA to provide an accurate admissions share by contractor. The contractor share is issued every quarter.

Nielsen Media Research

Nielsen Media Research collates UK advertising campaign details allowing advertisers and media professionals to analyse media expenditure.

The company tracks advertising activity, expenditure and creative content across the print, television, radio, Internet, direct mail, cinema and outdoor channels for media companies, agencies and advertisers.

NMR provides a unique database for cinema, which enables greater analysis of cinema activity. This database contains information for the past two years.


GB TGI (adults 15+)
The Target Group Index (TGI) is a continuous survey and is used by advertising agencies and media owners alike to glean information on usage of brands across different product areas. The survey interviews 25,000 adults (15yrs plus) annually and is updated quarterly.

TGI is used to help understand various target markets and thus aid marketing and advertising decisions. The cinema industry uses the data to understand the behaviour of cinemagoers in terms of the brands they purchase but also to understand their media consumption and learn about their lifestyle/interests.

Youth TGI
Youth TGI complements the main GB TGI survey and monitors those aged 7-19yrs. The survey is conducted twice a year and measures product usage, media habits and lifestyles of this group. Youth TGI is a particularly valuable source of information for cinema given the rise in the number of children attending the cinema nowadays due to the increased number of kids films.

Both TGI and Youth TGI are conducted by Kantar, a well established research agency and one of the largest in Europe.

For more information on our research sources, please contact our Research department