• Doesn’t it take a long time to get on screen?

    Not any more! Nowadays all of our cinemas use digital projection which has significantly cut lead times. We usually need a week from receiving master materials to getting your ad on screen, but shorter deadlines can be accommodated. We can also help out with clearance – read more on our Production page

  • What circuits/cinemas do you represent?

    We are proud to represent the Showcase, Empire, Omniplex & Movie House multiplex circuits. We also represent the majority of the independent exhibition sector, with a portfolio of quality circuits such as Scott Cinemas, Northern Morris and WTW Cinemas as well as independently operated cinemas; each offering individuality and often a specialist audience. We also recently won back the advertising contract for Everyman cinemas which will see their luxurious cinemas return to us from February 2020. Search our portfolio of sites on our Cinemas page.

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