Kantar – Media Reactions 2020: Where Great Ads Thrive summary

Global ad equity ranking by channel

    1. Cinema Ads

    2. Sponsored Events

    3. Magazine Ads

    4. Digital OOH Ads

    5. Newspaper Ads


In an incredibly tough year for the cinema industry, it is great to know that consumers are so positive about the adverts at the cinema.

They top the list in Kantar’s study because of their strengths (‘fun and entertaining’ and ’good quality’), but also because they avoid many of the pitfalls of other ad formats (‘too intrusive’, ‘dull’, ‘excessive ad volume’ or ‘excessive ad targeting’).

Here at Pearl & Dean we were not surprised to come out top, as we know how impactful our environment is.

And while our reach is low in comparison to other media formats, we are as much as 8 times more impactful than TV, whilst being 6 times more effective than YouTube and 17 times more effective than Facebook at driving brand positivity.

An interesting part of Kantar’s study was the disconnect between what consumers like and what marketeers think consumers like.

Whilst consumers cited cinema as their channel of choice, it did not even feature in marketeers top five!

Intrusiveness and excessive frequency seem to be far more damaging to consumers’ preference than marketeers realise.

The study states:

‘Clearly, each group is arriving at this evaluation from a different perspective, with marketers keen to deliver impactful ads, whereas consumers generally prefer an uninterrupted viewing experience. However, it seems that marketers struggle to disentangle their knowledge about media – e.g. declining print circulations – from their attitudes towards them.’