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From script to screen & beyond

With Pearl & Dean – Cinema is Just the Start. We can help extend your campaign beyond the big screen

Bespoke Content

With our in-house P&D Productions team we can help you to create bespoke on-screen creative to enhance your campaign.

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Pearl & Dean’s iconic 20” Asteroid ident has been viewed by millions of cinemagoers as they settle into their seats in anticipation for another memorable film experience. This premium position offers a perfect opportunity for brands to “take over” P&D’s opening and/or closing ident with a bespoke creative.

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With our partner LoopMe we can continue the consumer journey from the big screen to mobile screen. Extend your reach from cinema screen to 45 million mobile devices across the UK. Reengaging with your audience to gently reinforce your message and drive brand outcomes. Targeting all cinema-goers in the UK.

P&O/Cunard Cruises

Reach a 88.2% ABC1 audience on the high seas! 25,000 guests travelling across the world in luxury – 11,000 cinemagoers per week in high-end purpose built cinemas aboard ship.


A unique form of christmas entertainment with high levels of audience engagement. Multi-generational – a ‘passion point’ and a time of year when families spend quality time together. Pantomime is a celebratory, fun and interactive and shared experience unlike any other. The season runs right through key Christmas & New Year party period. A visit to a pantomime may be a child’s first experience of live theatre and lives in the memory for a life time. Rich assets to engage with a record breaking 2.6 million pantomime audiences.