Buying Routes

Advertising in the cinema can be as broad or as targeted as you need

We can help you to deliver your campaign with a range of buying routes from focusing on a single film’s audience through to our targeted Guaranteed Audience Packages

GAP Incl Family / GAP Excl Family

This buying route offers maximum coverage and is the most cost-effective way to reach UK cinemagoers. Your brand will access films from all genres, consequently reaching every demographic at the box office within any campaign window. A GAP Adult option, excluding Family films, is also available.

  • ratecard CPT: £70

GAP Male / Female

This gender specific buying route gives you access to films that profile highly against either male or female cinemagoers. Using comparable film profiles and historic audience data, we determine a film’s anticipated demographic to help brands create gender specific campaigns.

  • ratecard CPT: £73.91

GAP Youth

91% of 16-34-year olds are cinemagoers. The GAP Youth buying route offers access to this key demographic, delivering high admissions with placement in cinema’s biggest releases.

  • ratecard CPT: £73.91

GAP Premiere ABC1

82% of ABC1 adults are cinemagoers, and the Culture buying route offers brands the chance to reach this affluent audience. This package includes an array of films that profile highly against ABC1 audiences. Between October and February, we also offer an Awards Season package that delivers increased ABC1 admissions in anticipation of The BAFTAs and The Oscars.

  • ratecard CPT: £75

Luxe Cinemas

Pearl & Dean are the largest shareholders of independent cinemas in the UK. Our Luxe cinema network includes over 200 cultural hubs and historic cinemas the length and breadth of the country. This premium buying route is a great opportunity for brands interested in reaching upmarket and culturally engaged audiences, while simultaneously supporting local cinema

  • ratecard CPT: £200

GAP Family

Family films dominate the box office each year, and this buying route offers access to all family releases within your campaign window. This package allows brands to reach the whole family in a captive and engaging environment. Admissions are particularly high during the summer, and other school holidays. Excludes HFSS brands.

  • ratecard CPT: £34 (Burst)



This buying route offers brands within the HFSS category a trusted means of reaching cinemagoers. All films within the package have been deemed suitable by The Cinema Advertising Association (CAA) for HFSS advertisers.

  • ratecard CPT: £70

GAP 18+ Focus

The protected buying route for Alcohol, Gambling and E-cigarette brands on the big screen. This package includes films that profile at over 75% 18+ and have been approved by the Cinema Advertising Agency (CAA). Partnership opportunities are also available for alcohol brands at our Pop-Up cinemas more info

  • ratecard CPT: £70

Film Focus / Film Pack

A Film Pack allows you to select specific films that profile highly against a brand’s target audience, ensuring close and effective association with a highly anticipated upcoming release.

  • 30” ratecard CPT: £80/£100/£120

Gold Spot

The 60” Gold Spot ensures your brand has the closest affiliation with the main feature. Positioned after the film trailers and immediately before the main event, the Gold Spot guarantees complete audience attendance and engagement. Offers standout association with the film.

  • 60”
  • +60% premium

Silver Spot

Following our closing ident and placed just before the start of the trailers, the Silver Spot provides standout from the main ad reel. At 60” in length and a highly desirable position, it provides brands with a great opportunity to closely affiliate themselves with the feature film.

  • 60”
  • +30% premium

Opening / Closing Ident

Pearl & Dean’s iconic 20” Asteroid ident has been viewed by millions of cinemagoers as they settle into their seats in anticipation for another memorable film experience. This premium position offers a perfect opportunity for brands to “take over” P&D’s opening and/or closing ident with a bespoke creative. A great opportunity for a brand to align themselves closer to cinema

  • 20”
  • +20% premium
  • Additional production fee


Watch examples

Bronze Spot / Last In Reel

Positioned at the end of the main ad reel and preceding our closing ident, the 30” Bronze Spot offers a premium opportunity to achieve cost effective standout.

  • 30”
  • +15% premium